Abolish Abortion –  Pennsylvania

The term abort means “to terminate.”  So when an abortion occurs, what exactly is being terminated?  Since life begins at fertilization, the answer is that a precious human life is being destroyed.

We are Abolish Abortion Pennsylvania (AAPA), a gospel focused, Christ-centered ministry that seeks equal protection for the unborn, and call for the immediate abolition of abortion within our state.  We exist to proclaim the gospel, call mothers and fathers to repentance, educate local churches, and engage the political landscape. 

Simply put, there is forgiveness for the sin of abortion, and new life in Christ alone. True repentance shows itself through the abolition of sin from our personal and corporate lives.

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   In obedience to Christ, our mission is to raise
   up his Church in Pennsylvania to influence civil
   government to achieve the abolition of abortion.