Abolitionist Society of Pennsylvania

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, over 30,000 people are murdered every year, through the apathy of Christians, and the permission of Pennsylvania law. Abortion destroys an innocent human being created in the image of God, and turns parents into murderers.

The Christians of Pennsylvania are waking up to this holocaust, and are rediscovering the principles and practices of abolition. Like the abolitionists of slavery, we are bringing the good news of Jesus Christ into conflict with the greatest evil of our age. Whether addressing the guilt of parents, compromising legislators, unbelievers or apathetic Christians, our call to repentance impacts all citizens of the commonwealth.

Simply put, there is forgiveness for the sin of abortion, and new life in Christ alone. True repentance shows itself through the abolition of sin from our personal and corporate lives.

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We are presently driving forward a bill to completely abolish (end) abortion in Pennsylvania, but we need your help to make it happen. Sign up to receive action alerts, and we will periodically send you quick, easy ways to make the voiceless children heard in Harrisburg.

    Key Articles

    Abolition is a paradigm shift in how Christians relate to evil in the world. The following articles are must-reads for anyone new to the movement.

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