SEED Initiative: Join The Movement

In Pennsylvania, over 30,000 people are murdered annually through legalized abortion. This equates to the carnage of roughly 10 world trade center bombings every year, performed under the protection of our state law. While the wrath of God is being stored up against our state, the people of God are shrinking back from declaring the whole counsel of God’s word to our civil government.

The word of God says that civil rulers are created to punish evil and reward good (Rom 13:1-10) to halt the progress of evil (Ecc 8:11). When rulers pervert justice and punish good, they need to repent and bow the knee to Christ, not compromise with sin (Ps 2). The sin of our civil leadership ultimately flows out of our false understanding of how human government relates to the word of God, and our unwillingness as constituents to call them to repent. Abolitionists are therefore waging a social campaign to seed Pennsylvania with biblical ideas about civil government, the decline of our culture, and the forgiveness that is found in Jesus Christ alone.

You can help with the SEED initiative. If you provide us with your email address, we will send you a series of articles to share online, periodically over the course of a few weeks. By reading the articles, you can further educate yourself on how to end legalized abortion and related national sins. By sharing the articles, you will challenge the thinking that supports abortion. Some of your friends will think twice before killing their children, and a few may even choose to help abolish human abortion in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Thank you for taking a stand for those children who cannot defend themselves. In Christ,
— Abolitionist Society of Pennsylvania.

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