Please be in prayer. Right now, the Southern Baptist Convention is meeting in Nashville, Tennessee to discuss various issues of importance to the denomination. Abolitionist pastors have presented a strong, no-compromise-with-abortion resolution for consideration. Similar resolutions have passed in smaller denominations, but an endorsement of abolition from the southern baptists will make a massive impact on churches and legislatures across the nation.

Abolitionist Derin Stidd gives the following update:

The committee on resolutions declined to hear our resolution because they had a a different pro life resolution on the Hyde amendment that they thought was better.


Bill Ascol made an amazing appeal from the floor of the convention moving that the resolution be moved out of the committee and to the floor for a vote. His appeal passed with a two thirds majority!

So our resolution is going to be presented for discussion and voted on tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm! Please be in prayer for us as we prepare to to advocate on behalf of the pre-born!

In addition to prayer, you can help out by reading and signing the resolution, even if you do not currently attend a southern baptist church. Whether or not it passes, we know that the Lord will use the message and faithfulness of these abolitionist pastors to do His will in the fight against abortion. Praise the Lord!

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