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Nate Schmolze is an abolitionist and follower of Jesus Christ living near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a Christian activist, he works to fight and abolish the evils of our age through literature distribution, street preaching, web development and writing.
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Abby Johnson Opposes Legislation to Criminalize Abortion

Through the popularization of her movie Unplanned, Abby Johnson is arguably the most famous pro-lifer in the United States. Yet, both she and her organization have opposed legislation that would criminalize abortion in the state of Texas. Now, she is speaking at the 2021 March for Life in Pennsylvania, at [...]

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Southern Baptist Resolution on Abolishing Abortion

Please be in prayer. Right now, the Southern Baptist Convention is meeting in Nashville, Tennessee to discuss various issues of importance to the denomination. Abolitionist pastors have presented a strong, no-compromise-with-abortion resolution for consideration. Similar resolutions have passed in smaller denominations, but an endorsement of abolition from the southern [...]

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Holidaysburg & Senator Judy Ward

Great time in Holidaysburg distributing our new pamphlet at a pro-life rally. People were great, and receptive to hearing about the problems with pro-life legislation vs total abolition. Incidentally, one of the speakers was Senator Judy Ward, who cosponsored one of the bills we critique in the pamphlet, the [...]

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Bloody Warminster

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Bucks County residents murder approximately 1,000 children every year through the process of induced abortion. The DOH of course does not refer to this as murder, viewing it instead as a form of healthcare being tracked and regulated. Nevertheless, children in the [...]

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Meghan Schroeder: First Contact

Today I walked into the local office of Meghan Schroeder, the representative for Bucks Country district 29. To my surprise, I ran into an old college friend, Sean O'Connor, who is working as her assistant. I chatted with them both about abolition, and set up an appointment to discuss [...]

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