About Us

The Abolitionist Society of Pennsylvania is a group of likeminded Christians who are working to abolish legalized evils from the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Following in the footsteps of the abolitionists of slavery, we are bringing the gospel of the kingdom of Jesus Christ into conflict with the evils of our age.

Believing that abortion is the single greatest instance of evil in our state, producing the carnage of roughly ten world trade center bombings every year (30,000 people murdered annually), we focus on abolishing abortion, just as a new believer in Christ might focus on ending his adulterous affair as a higher priority than his temper. Nevertheless, the biblical worldview can be applied to abolish any form of evil, as abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison famously noted,

“‘So God created man in his own image — male and female he created them.’ This is a death-blow to all claims of superiority, to all  charges of inferiority, to all usurpation, to all oppressive dominion.”
— William Lloyd Garrison, abolitionist of slavery.

Our Beliefs

We believe that the incarnate Word Jesus Christ alone is the way, the truth and the life, that He is revealed inerrantly in the whole of scripture; therefore the biblical worldview must be the authority over what Christians believe. Whatever other doctrines may unify our approach to abolishing evil, the Bible is our rule of proper belief and practice.

There are five tenets of abolitionism that have found general agreement among abolitionists, five doctrines that separate abolition from the pro-life movement and strategy. We believe that abolition must be

  1. Biblical
  2. Gospel-Centered
  3. Body-Driven
  4. Immediate and Uncompromising
  5. Providential

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